About ngg.la

The NGG URL Shortener will automatically shorten any link that is within your address bar into an ngg.la link. Just visit our main page and insert any valid URL into the input field and click the "Shrink" button, and in seconds you will get a personal ngg.la link to share with everyone. Any time anyone uses your ngg.la link, our systems will automatically process it and redirect to the long url you inserted in the field. This makes it easier to post links in social media that have a character limit, like Twitter. Our shortner will always be free, and you can shorten as many links as you want, no restrictions!

Be sure to also check out our Google Chrome Application that automatically turns your current page into a ngg.la link. Easily click the "NGG" icon at the top of your browser and let us do the rest, and in seconds, we will have your ngg.la link ready to paste anywhere you wish. Get it here today!